• Customized metal constructions

    metal constructions

  • Special creations of distinctive quality and aesthetic

    Special creations of distinctive quality and aesthetic

  • Passion in specialized metal fabrication

    Passion in specialized
    metal fabrication

About Us

The Barous Metallic Projections is a company that has specialized in the field of customized metal construction for the past 30 years. The company focuses on the processing of many different metals like brass, bronze, tin etc.
The company was created by Dimitris Barous’ and Markos Markou’s personal interest and passion in specialized metal fabrication. They invest their “meraki” to each project they undertake. They feel very proud when they the can touch objects which they made 20 years ago. They usually annotate that they did their job and time took its course. Our staff achieves to imitate older techniques in order to create customized products with specific aesthetic image; we often construct objects that have an aged look. We achieve such results – contemporary techniques and materials with a classic or aged appearance- by using special equipment. Many pieces of our equipment are very rare and unique. We obtain them by keeping close and personal relationship with older, experienced traditional craftsmen. Having all the exceptional equipment needed and reviving obsolete techniques we achieve a unique aesthetic and functional result. By utilizing all the proper techniques of elaborating metals, we accomplish many different hues in a great range of shades in order to satisfy the taste of every client thoroughly.