Our bussiness’ mission was set in 1975 and we are focused on processing special metal projections which have a distinctive quality and aesthetic. Our goal is to create very unique and innovative items.
By coming into contact with us, you will realize immediately that we have all the experience and expertise needed in order to meet your demand and your expectations. We collaborate with architects, interior and furniture designers, artists and induvial customers. We address everyone who wants a special creation for their personal or professional environment. These creations will carry all the intertemporal traits of the handcrafted item, “meraki” and soul.
When placing an order, our client will first receive firstly a draft model on which we can depict all the special details –the future item in scale, the material, the metal connections, the final hues and the final shade- of the prospective construction. This procedure is convenient for both parties as well. By constructing a draft model, we are able to focus on every technical detail, as well as make all the improvements needed in order to achieve the best final result. On the other hand, the client acquires a realistic image of the desirable construction while still being able to make any necessary changes.
After many years of experience in the field of metal fabrication, we are capable of constructing casting brass items, brass and copper profiles, many of which are not available on the market. We achieve to satisfy all the clients’ aspirations due to our huge network of partners. By utilizing this wide network of partners, we take charge of the completion of every construction, even if some parts require materials other than metal.
We are not able to reach this level of quality without the help pf our technicians. They have worked for our company for many years and they devote ample energy and time. Furthermore, we travel a lot in order to meet experienced technicians who teach us traditional ways of working metals. By following this practice, we learn a great number of processing and crafting techniques which take us back in time.

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  • “I am honored and pleased to create unique, handmade craft suitable for all tastes. All these items are made not only by using materials, but also by using personal thought and concern. I love working with materials which are characterized by handmade impairments and aesthetic adequacy. Every original handcrafted item must have its own unique impairments… In general, the handmade fabrications are characterized with love, meraki, pathos, inspiration, imagination, creativity, personality and all the signs which have been left by man's hands. Those are the characteristics of every piece of art. If we achieve to make a connection between the characteristics of the handcraft item and those of our personality, a tight bond is created…”

    Nikos Barous